Rainbow Books Online

Rainbow Books Online is a division of IOSIM, Inc. whose primary goal is to provide services and access to new and established authors who desire to create children’s eBooks and printed books. These stories include a variety of genre (i.e. fiction, non-fiction, poetry, rhymes and short stories). All stories must meet our high quality standards.

The Rainbow Books Online logo represents the stamp of approval and features an old friend of mine named R. Gray whom I introduced to my own children through wholesome and adventurous stories. R. Gray became a trusted icon that my children recognized as a true friend. I decided to use R. Gray to demonstrate that we at IOSIM, Inc. have made every effort to meet high standards in our commitment to encourage children to read.

Stan Lewis President/CEO

Grandma Read Me a Poem
Author: Melanie Lynn Lewis
ISBN: 0-933179-10-3
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