About Us

What Services Does IOSIM, Inc. Offer?

Book publication can often be an enigma for new and established authors. We welcome the opportunity to streamline that process and help you convey your message to a broad audience. We cover the emerging and essential topics: manuscript submission, editing, and transforming your work into an e-book. Also we can streamline the process of converting your work into a soft or hard cover printed book or a CD (non-audio) format as seamlessly as possible without sacrificing the quality of the work.

IOSIM, Inc. is an international highly competitive percentage royalty-paying publisher. Providing your manuscript meets our submission quality and content criteria, services provided are editing, illustration, cover design, and conversion into an e-reader format ready for sale through our marketing office. Our primary market is the rapidly expanding digital book market. However, prepaid copies of soft/hard cover books and non-audio illustrated CDs can also be arranged. To enhance success in the digital book market, as well as that of the more traditional print and CD market, we encourage you to work actively with our marketing office when your work is ready for sale. We want you to view yourself as a partner in the effort of working toward your success. We rarely impose a limit on manuscripts size and length.

We make every effort to reduce the pressure placed on you while publishing your creative work in a clear, concise, stylized manner but retain the authenticity of the writer. We provide a friendly business environment to achieve your publication dreams. During the process, including marketing efforts, we consider you a partner in this effort. Thank you for considering IOSIM, Inc. and supporting our mission to transform your creative writing into a published work.

Formats Etc.
  • Our eBook files are in ".ePub" and ".mobi" file formats
  • Please be aware that Microsoft LIT will be phased out August 2012, and retail submissions were no longer accepted as of November 2011.
  • IOSIM, Inc. will continue to provide current and progressive software options, updates, and daily research of economic trends of business for maximum sales potential.
  • CD's (presently non- audio only) in " .pdf," ".doc," and ".docx" extensions.
  • Files are delivered zipped and you will need a zip program such as WinZip to open them.
  • Download your free copy of WinZip software now
  • All orders are processed over secure server. We use PayPal Advanced along with the PayPal credit card infrastructure for non-PayPal members.